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Bekah’s Run 5K

Merrielle met Bekah’s mom when they were both in college. Years later, the topic of adoption brought our families close again.

Our good friends founded a 5K event to honor the memory of their youngest daughter. We wanted to show support and offered to build a website. The graphic elements were donated by another friend from Merrielle’s college days.

The main purpose of the site is event registration… plus the added complexity of a donation portal which linked directly to a third-party processor. It was important to collect numerous pieces of data for, and by, different companies (our client, the event management company and the non-profit beneficiary) while having the systems appear as seamless as possible.

We are very pleased to have a way to honor Bekah’s life and to have a means through which everyday people can impact the lives of kids in need of medical care in China.

Second Baptist Church of Hamlet, NC

Second Baptist Church (secondbaptisthamlet.org) already had a website when they contacted us. As we got to know them, we quickly learned that they were already doing social media really well.

We chose a clean design that points to their active social media feeds and provides quick-access to the most commonly requested areas.
This is a great church and it was great to put together a site to highlight the fantastic ways they already engage their audience.

Metal Fred

Metal Fred started off small, like us. Their modern design, winsome social media updates and fresh look led to sales. Lots of sales. So many that they said, “Hey, we need a new site!” We were happy to re-design a site that reflected a new name, new logo and an impressive bottom line. A little steel, a panel or two of reclaimed barn wood plus some sparks from the welder and bam! MetalFred.com We searched long and hard to find just the right way to let visitors see Metal Fred’s incredible products. The front page doesn’t waste time with options and stories, but points people to what they’ve come to see: Metal Fred’s timeless, industrial, handmade furniture.

Elizabeth Knox Online

Aspiring writer Elizabeth Knox wanted a place to flesh out ideas for a book and ask for feedback from potential readers. After fiddling with various domain registrars, hosting providers and a “one size fits all” deployment of WordPress, Elizabeth was flummoxed. That’s when she contacted us. Now, Elizabeth’s blog is up and running (at elizabethknoxonline.com) and, more importantly, she found a publisher.

A few months later, in preparation for the publishing of Elizabeth’s first book, Faith Powered Profession, we were invited to rebuild her site again. We added some new features, bells and whistles while keeping the same modern look and professional feel.

She liked it so much, Elizabeth left us a glowing Review on Google Plus.

Mount Olive Baptist Church

When building a new site for Mount Olive Baptist Church, we asked what info we most wanted to know when checking out a potential place to visit. What time the service begins and where it is. We placed that info front and center – and even included a little picture to let folks know they’re in the right place. This site pulls together a number of different pieces to provide a feel for the people and the church. We leveraged a Google Calendar for upcoming events and post audio from the messages recorded there too. Mount Olive’s fresh, simple site makes it easy for people to listen to a message they may have missed, check schedule changes from their mobile devices and to go ye therefore.

Jason recorded and edited the audio and video for an interview once and has done some transcription work too. Next time we are calling Southeast Legal Video. Not only does Southeast Legal Video have top-notch equipment and professional certifications, but Bill Kaska (the owner) enjoys the work (Jason didn’t). When it came to Bill’s website, years of industry experience taught Bill that an a la carte pricing structure is the most flexible for his clients. We worked with Bill to re-word and re-work his pricing and offerings so clients can find the services they need at a rate that fits their budget – all with one swipe of the thumb.

Mount Olive Christian Child Care

‘Child Care Center of the Year,’ ‘Outstanding Teacher of the Year,’ and ‘Positive Attitude Award.’ When Mount Olive Christian Child Care contacted us, they were the top-rated child care center in town and needed a website to handle the flood of inquiries. We streamlined their registration process so parents can easily submit – and staff process – their initial paperwork. It keeps the focus on the kids – which Mount Olive Christian Child Care is very, very good at doing. Way to go MOCCC!

Family Cycle Sales

The owner of Family Cycle Sales has been riding since he was 11. Everyone who works there rides a motorcycle. Family Cycle Sales is a small, friendly sales and service shop. They can fix nearly anything that runs on two-wheels, even if it’s not running at all. They needed some help presenting a consistent online image, so we fixed up a little website for them. Vroom. Vroom.

McCallum Law Firm

Once upon a time, a young woman from a small town went to law school. Now she’s back in town with some pretty hefty credentials. Bellonora wrote her own content and we helped her craft sentences and paragraphs that wow on the web. Ms McCallum is a lawyer with the ability to make a difference in her hometown. Did we build her a super, mobile-friendly and responsive website? In English and in Español? You bet we did.

Project Revive

The folks at Project Revive began a complete re-design of their site in 2011. Frutke was asked to build a splash page for their WordPress site-to-be. We crafted the initial splash page in 2011, and were invited back to build-out the entire site a few months later.

Older Stuff

SINGLE SIGN-ON SERVICE Built for Premiere Global Services (2009) A deployment of Jasig’s Central Authentication Service provides single sign-on functionality for 1700 Premiere Global Service employees across the globe. Tied directly to PGi’s Active Directory infrastructure, the login page needed to be extremely intuitive and easy to use. This clean, open interface later became a template for several other sites that were built for this client.

EXPLORE.PGILIFE.COM Built for Premiere Global Services (2010) http://explore.pgilife.com/ was created for Premiere Global Services to highlight the features of an internally facing deployment of Jive Software’s enterprise-scale social business software. This site was used as an entry for the 2010 Forrester Groundswell Awards.

SAMPLE CAS CLIENT Built for Premiere Global Services, Tangoe & SSURU (2011) What started as a simple, proof-of-concept site quickly became the primary tool for vendors, like Tangoe, to test the single sign-on functionality of PGi’s Central Authentication Service (CAS) against their own applications. Tremendous complexity hides behind this elegant interface, including the ability to verify digitally signed SAML and POST responses from the authentication server.

COMPLEX DATA, SIMPLE PRESENTATION Built for SSURU (2009 – 2010) Calculating and tracking software development velocity is messy, no matter how you slice it. As SSURU transitioned from the Waterfall development methodology to Agile, they needed to know if the new processes they were inventing were working. Google Charts was harnessed to allow them to make wise judgments about how many “widgets” of software versus their relative complexity could be planned for a given development cycle.

SSURU.COM Built for SSURU (2009 – 2011) The first exposure many clients have to a software development company is their website. A clean-looking, well-functioning and intuitive website builds confidence and trust. In addition to contact information and articles, the site includes a little peek into the culture at SSURU: open, honest and a passion to be really, really great at what they do. Their website could be no different.