Love Letters

Love LettersWhile not as crazygonuts as September, October was still a pretty fun month. A few of our sites were hit with hacking attempts and spambots, but that’s not too unusual.

Much of this past month was actually spent practicing for a play at our local theater. It’s a 2-person cast, so there was a good bit of memorization involved. The Pee Dee Post interviewed my co-star and I and posted it on YouTube (they also gave us a glowing review afterwards). Our final performance was on Nov 1, but I wanted to share the bio they printed in the program.

Jason Buckner makes a return to the RCT stage, after a thirty-year hiatus, in the role of Andrew Makepeace Ladd, III (no relation). A native of Rockingham, Jason was born at a young age and cannot spell ostrich without looking it up. He enjoys singing (no… really), canoeing, constructing wheelchair ramps with a local ministry, flirting with his wife, Merrielle, and homeschooling their two children. When people inquire why he recently moved back to Richmond County after living in majestic Colorado for several years, he typically replies, “I missed the oppressive humidity and mosquitoes.” Jason knows exactly where to find Waldo and Carmen: San Diego. You can tell Jason is kidding about something by watching his face: if his lips move, he’s probably joking.